Why Choose P2L?

Your Play-Based Performing Arts School

P2L is committed to your child’s success and happiness.  We are mindful, in all of our interactions with the children that, as caregivers, we are teaching and at the same time caring for them.  Our school has been designed to provide a safe, healthy and stimulating environment for students to learn in freely while being protected and cared for by our teachers and staff.

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Welcome to P2L Playhouse

Preschool is often the first time a child experiences a social setting without the comfort of parent, family, friends or familiar faces.  P2L understands the challenges this transition can bring to everyone involved.  Our teachers and staff work directly with our families to create as comfortable a “change” as possible.  As students become grounded in the routines of school and familiar with their school mates, we encourage student interaction, socializing across age groups, cooperative play, and large group sharing.  Any time a parent/caregiver feels that the social setting has become or is becoming problematic, the issues will be addressed in collaboration between the family and our entire staff.


Come see what makes P2L so Special



Children learn best through firsthand experience – Engagement. The P2L program provides structured “play with purpose” activity as well as individualized student choice-based “play centers”, including time with indoor and outdoor, toys, equipment, materials, and our signature Performing Arts Curriculum. Perform to Learn offers every student the opportunity to play, and Engage, in small age-specific groups and in the larger student body, allowing each child the opportunity to share in a variety of peer/mentor exchanges.