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Welcome to P2L Playhouse. This new learning center and preschool is now open in Las Vegas, Nevada. Everyone at the Nevada location is excited to meet new families and begin to share our love for performing arts and early childhood education!


We are currently enrolling children ages 2 years to 5 years to experience our playful, safe, and creative environment! Our P2L curriculum provides all the fundamentals to get your child ready for kindergarten and beyond!

Your Play-Based Performing Arts Preschool

Committed to your Child’s Success!

P2L Playhouse is committed to your child’s success and happiness.  We are mindful, in all of our interactions with the children that, as caregivers, we are teaching and at the same time caring for them.


Our school has been designed to provide a safe, healthy, and stimulating environment for students to learn freely while being protected and cared for by our teachers and staff.



P2L Playhouse hires qualified teachers in academics and performing arts to team teach. We cross-train and collaborate to meet the consistent daily expectation of our students and families. We recruit to establish a culturally, gender, and generationally diverse staff. 

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