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P2L Playhouse

Play-Based Performing Arts Preschool

Perform to Learn Playhouse is based on an innovative performance-based learning approach that has become a successful method of teaching young children. Since 2011, Perform to Learn has created environments for children to learn in a non-traditional academic setting with a focus on creative arts.

Welcome to
P2L Playhouse Preschool 

Welcome to P2L Playhouse. This new learning center and preschool is now open in Las Vegas, Nevada. Everyone at the Nevada location is excited to meet new families and begin to share our love for performing arts and early childhood education! We are currently enrolling children ages 12 months to 6 years to experience our playful, safe, and creative environment! Our P2L curriculum provides all the fundamentals to get your child ready for kindergarten and beyond!

Our preschool offers a variety of programs including S.T.E.M., Music, Dance, Art, Theater, and Language & Culture in which your child can express themselves and learn in their own creative way.

Over the years P2L has discovered that children learn best through first-hand experiences. The P2L program provides your child with vast opportunities to learn through structured “play with purpose” activities as well as individualized student choice-based “play centers”. During these activities, your child will have access to indoor & outdoor play, toys, equipment, materials, and many more experiences provided by our signature Performing Arts Curriculum.

Perform to Learn offers every student the opportunity to play and engage in small, age-specific groups as well as larger groupings, allowing each child the opportunity to develop their social skills and gain a sense of self-love and respect. 

When your child is enrolled at Perform to Learn Playhouse, they are given the opportunity to acquire Mastery Skills. “Practice Makes Perfect” and the burden of perfection is not something we impose on our learners. P2L is based upon the recognition that Practice breeds Mastery, Mastery breeds Confidence, and Confidence breeds Leadership. So, we “Perform to Learn” and “Learn to Lead”!

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S.T.E.M. Program

One of the most engaging programs in our Character Power Curriculum

Preschool is a time for exploration and discovery! For many preschool-aged children, it is their first group social and learning setting, and the first time they have the ability to make choices for themselves. Starting with the idea that we all have “signature strengths”, the P2L Character Power® program gives concrete expression to our entire curriculum, allowing your child to begin thinking for themselves and make good choices. 

One of the most engaging programs our preschoolers have access to in the P2L Character Power Curriculum is S.T.E.M. The S.T.E.M. program covers the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and is currently available to children between the ages of 12 months and 4 years old at our Las Vegas, Nevada location.

Our colorful classroom environments are devoted to exploration, experimentation, and wonder. It features a window box for gardening, interactive science stations, a microscope/specimen lab, engineering with low pressure, a live gravity demonstration project, and a large-format Lite Brite station for color and light exploration! These activities foster your child’s curiosity, desire to learn, critical thinking, and problem-solving as they work together to solve everyday problems. 

We warmly encourage you to get in touch so you can learn more about how your child can thrive in this creative, unique, and safe learning environment! We can't wait to meet you!