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I Play therefore I Am!

It's more than child's play. Play is crucial for early childhood development, enhancing cognitive, social, motor, emotional, stress management, and resilience, with parents and caregivers playing a vital role in facilitating and encouraging play.

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child's holistic development

Our Play-Based Curriculum

Our holistic and engaging early education program not only aligns with, but far surpasses the Nevada Pre-K standards.  P2L Playhouse offers an innovative play-based, performing arts, integrated curriculum designed to nurture your child's development in key subject categories while fostering a love for learning through play!

Research has shown that play is an essential component of early childhood education. It is not just about fun; it's a powerful tool for learning and development. Through play, children naturally explore, investigate and experience, through a variety of engaging subjects.

To Kindergarten and beyond!

Our unique curriculum lays the groundwork for kindergarten readiness by engaging children in fun-filled activities that stimulate their cognitive, social, and emotional development. Through interactive play and guided exploration, we ensure a seamless and successful transition to kindergarten and beyond. Kindergarten preparedness starts here with P2L Playhouse - setting the stage for a lifetime of educational achievement.

Creative Expression
Math and Number Sense
Language and Literacy
Physical Education
Science and Exploration
Social Emotional

Academic Studies on Play-Based Learning

ELA Learnings

"The Power of Play: A Research Summary on Play and Learning" (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2007)

Discoveries: This study found that play is incredibly beneficial for kids. It helps them grow in many ways, like thinking, socializing, managing feelings, and staying healthy.

Community Helpers

The Role of Pretend Play in Children’s Cognitive Development (Lillard et al., 2013)

Revelations: Pretend play is like a magical adventure where kids can imagine anything. It helps their brains get really good at thinking in different ways, which is extremely important for doing well in school later on.

STEM Learners

The Benefits of Play for Children (Ginsburg, 2007)

Insights: Playing helps kids learn about themselves and get better at things. They become more creative, solve problems easier, and become stronger emotionally, making them more confident and adaptable.

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